Tuskwitania - Zadania Poboczne

Source: Arven the fisherman.
Task: Arven has a secret fishing hole on the east bank of the Tuskwater, but now an ill-tempered beast has claimed the spot. The beast in question is a semi-legendary hookjaw turtle named Old Crackjaw. Kill him! Watch out for his chompers!
Completion: Kill (or drive off) Old Crackjaw from Arven’s secret fishing hole.
Reward: Arven finds all sorts of things; he’ll give whoever helps him a ring of feather falling he found in a pike’s stomach as a reward.

Source: Wanted poster
Task: The way everyone talks about tatzlwyrms, one might think they’re swarming throughout the Stolen Lands. This isn’t the case; they’re actually quite rare. A tatzlwyrm head would be a great conversation piece at Oleg’s. He has promised a reward for anyone who can deliver one.
Completion: Slay a tatzlwyrm and deliver its head.
Reward: Oleg will pay 600 gp for a relatively undamaged tatzlwyrm head.

Source: Wanted poster.
Task: Shambling mounds aren’t as common in the Greenbelt as they are in Hooktongue Slough, but they’re not unheard of. A local herbalist has found that the sap of a shambling mound works wonders for cultivating certain medicinal herbs, and asks for one shambling mound’s worth of sap.
Completion: Deliver the sap to the herbalist.
Reward: The herbalist can pay 600 gp for the sap, along with 3 potions of cure moderate wounds.

Source: Wanted poster.
Task: A ferocious worg stalks the Borderlands! His name is Howl-of-the-North-Wind, and he’s been eating bandits and hunters for years. With the new influx of citizens into the Greenbelt, the ravenous worg needs to be slain before he acquires a taste for the citizenry!
Completion: Kill the worg and and return to Kesten Garess with its body.
Reward: The kingdom approves a reward of 1,200 gp to the heroes who slay Howl-of-the-North-Wind.

Source: Wanted poster.
Task: A local herbalist has a theory that trolls’ blood can serve as a catalyst during the creation of healing potions. But until he gets a supply of the blood, he won’t be able to prove his theory.
Completion: Deliver a waterskin filled with troll blood to the herbalist. He doesn’t need more than one waterskin, so one troll donor should do the trick.
Reward: The alchemist promises a reward of 1,200 gp in potions (hunter’s choice), deliverable about a week after the blood is brought to him.

Source: Wanted poster.
Task: Rumors of a dragon haunting the southern Narlmarches are probably (hopefully) overstated. The evidence indicates that the source of the rumors is merely a forest drake. In any event, it’s killing folks and needs to be put down.
Completion: Find a forest drake, kill it, and return to Kesten Garess with its head as proof.
Reward: Breland approves a reward of 1,200 gp to the first group to successfully slay a forest drake in the Narlmarches.

Source: The Old Beldame
Task: The Old Beldame uses the sporepods inside of black rattlecap mushrooms to brew a potent tea, but the mushrooms are very rare. She sends the PCs to the Mud Bowl to gather as many of the mushrooms as they can for her.
Completion: After defeating the hideous guardian of the Mud Bowl, the PCs can harvest several black rattlecaps. The Old Beldame wants as many as the PCs can bring her.
Reward: The Old Beldame promises a payment of 100 gp for every black rattlecap the PCs can bring her.