środa, 26 stycznia 2011

Stag Lords Fort i inne miejsca

Co już macie na mapie:

The Stag Lord’s Fort: Located at the heart of the Greenbelt on a defensible hill near a plentiful source of water, fishing, and trade, the Stag Lord’s Fort may be the single best place to place a capital city. The fort itself gives the PCs a head start on building a castle, halving the initial cost of such a structure. In addition, if the PCs make
this site their capital city, their nation gains a +1 bonus on Economy, Loyalty, and Stability due to its centralized
location and ease of defense.

Oleg’s Trading Post: The trading post is a versatile structure built to serve as a place of business. If the PCs
decide to found a city in this hex, they can incorporate Oleg’s as a free Shop, Stable, or Watchtower in their city grid (once chosen, the function of Oleg’s within the new city cannot be changed).

Temple of the Elk: Although the Temple of the Elk is partially ruined, building a city here gives the PCs a head
start on a Temple, halving the initial cost of building such a structure.

P.S. niech Lodovic wybierze, do czego ma zapewniać bonus Spymaster.

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