czwartek, 30 grudnia 2010

Hierarchia zła według Srebrnego Płomienia

W porządku malejącym:
  1. Entities of alien evil. These include evil outsiders and many aberrations. Being not merely creatures of innate malevolence, but also foreign to Eberron, these entities cause the most harm to the physical and spiritual health of the world.
  2. Entities of unnatural evil. These include undead and lycanthropes, creatures that were native to Eberron but corrupted into something hideous. Their presence taints the world around them, making them almost as great a threat as outsiders.
  3. Entities of innate evil. These include most creatures that are malevolent as a group, such as medusas, yuan-ti, and hags, but are not unnatural.
  4. Those who choose evil. This includes all evil humanoids, warforged, and the like. Though the cliché of the Purified shows no mercy to evildoers, most real followers of the Flame seek to save these people, not destroy them. Human evil should be fought with compassion, diplomacy, and leading by example. Whenever possible, people should be shown the error of their ways and have the chance to correct their behavior. If this is not possible, the sword might be the only answer; it should never be the first choice, however.
  5. The evil within. Even the most devout follower of the Silver Flame holds sin in his heart. The Purified believe that once all other evil is destroyed, mortals must purge the very desire for it from their souls. Only then will the demon be expelled from the Silver Flame, and the fi nal traces of evil vanish from the world.

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